Meet The Artist

Sara Tyler Reese

Illustrator and graphic designer

Hi, I am Sara and I’ve worked as a graphic designer & illustrator for over 15 years now. I love all things goth, dark and spooky as well as all things cute and colourful. My home is full with a mixed collection of skulls, coffins, flamingos and unicorns. I also have two rescue guinea pigs called Rex and Max whose stuff and toys take up the majority of my sitting room and garden. My favourite weekend activity is literally doing absolutely nothing but sitting on my sofa with the blinds closed and watching Netflix with a cup of tea and a fleece blanket. My one goal in life is to eventually get to spend a day in the biggest Walmart in the USA (Florida).

Please check out my other website to see my online design and illustration portfolio of my previous graphic design artworks. I work full time as a graphic designer at a lighting company in Wellingborough, and freelance when I can in the evenings and Saturdays. If you like my style and would like me to design something for your company such as a logo, flyer or website, then please contact me for a quote.